WebCargo launches a branded booking portal for forwarders

Air cargo booking platform Webcargo has launched a new tool that allows forwarders to offer customers online booking on their own website.

WebCargo Vista provides forwarders forwarders with a branded sales portal that is connected directly to their rate management systems and that can then be offered customers an online booking option, says a company release.

The company explained that research it had recently conducted showed that only 25% of top freight forwarders currently offer accessible online booking to their customers.

“WebCargo Vista is unique in its combination of multimodal rate management with a leading pricing, booking and management platform, enabling over 90% of customer bookings to be conducted without a phone call or email,” it said.

One of the first companies to sign up to the solution is Yusen Logistics whose Chief Information Officer Yasuyuki Takahashi said, “Through WebCargo Vista’s technology, we can support the rapid results and efficient management of international freight forwarding, demanded by the current climate.”

Another company to sign up is Cargo Overseas, with Director of Finance Philip Curran explaining, “If you’re working the shipping desk, WebCargo Vista is the only tool you need. It demystifies the process for customers, giving them the ability to see into their supply chains.”

“Any questions about the need for scalable digital freight forwarder customer service went out the door in 2020,” said Manel Galindo, chief executive of WebCargo. “Vista enables forwarders to easily sell online – with 80% of bookings accepted in under two minutes – while seamlessly managing and communicating throughout the entire process.”

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