Zypp Electric introduces Zypp Cargo heavy-duty scooter specially built for last-mile logistics

Zypp Electric has announced the launch of India’s first electric cargo two-wheeler akka Zypp Cargo.

The heavy-duty scooter is specially built for last-mile logistics, says the EV-based startup in the last-mile delivery segment. It can load upto 250 kg and have an average mileage of 120 km in one go powered by the 40 Ah battery installed in it. It has swappable batteries and supports dual battery systems.

Initially, Zypp Cargo will be operational in Delhi NCR region, the company says.

Zypp Cargo’s durability is most suitable for transporting goods such as crates, pet bottles, cylinders, heavy load shipments, groceries, large food bags, e-commerce bulk shipments, etc. which can make it an obvious choice of e-commerce, grocery and B2B delivery companies in India.

The scooter offers many modern features with easy integration into the native IT systems of logistics partners, e-commerce companies and food delivery operators facilitating real-time business intelligence. These features will help gain real-time insights on the distance covered, usage parameters, average utilisation, wear and tear, and team predictions. It has also been enabled with modern technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Internet of Things (IOT) to track vehicles, drivers as well as battery metrics.

Akash Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of Zypp Electric said, “With extensive research for more than 3 years, we are extremely happy to launch Zypp Cargo, India’s first B2B Heavy Duty IoT enabled Electric Scooter today. This is an exclusive product with a strong OEM tie-up. It will offer an easy ride experience combined with a design sensibility that adapts to varied cargo requirements. With its durability and unique design, the after-sales service will be available all across the operational cities. Soon we’ll launch this on an EMI ownership plan too.”

The Zypp Cargo scooter boasts a metal body design with limited plastic for durability, along with a coloured display digital panel. The seats offers fitting for crates and bags, making it comfortable for covering long routes and as a multi-utility scooter for dual seating purposes, like a bike taxi variant—most suitable and comfortable vehicle for B2B last-mile deliveries.

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