AirAsia carriers instantly offering on-demand cargo space through Freightchain’s digital interlining procedure

In an effort to further strengthen its cargo footprint across the region, AirAsia Group airlines have made available cargo spaces on their flights on Freightchain, the world’s first digital air cargo network run on Blockchain.

With Freightchain, AirAsia is now able to fully interline its flights digitally with other airlines, allowing for a faster and more on-demand connectivity to transport cargo across Southeast Asia and beyond.

AirAsia’s cargo services are managed by its logistics venture, Teleport who has also adopted Freightchain in order to provide AirAsia and other airlines a platform to increase their cargo capacity utilisation.

Tony Fernandes, Chief Executive Office of AirAsia Group said, “As we continue to innovate across all aspects of the cargo business, the listing of AirAsia on Freightchain supports our goal to be a formidable and reputable digital cargo distributor in the region, providing customers the best services through our comprehensive flight network at the lowest possible cost.”

“The ability to maximise cargo revenue through digital interlining is a game changer for the cargo industry. Freightchain provides an avenue to connect multiple airlines and destinations, opening up revenue opportunities for airlines and limitless connections for shippers through its interlining solution.”

“All of our AirAsia Group airlines are now listed on Freightchain and we welcome other airlines to come on board to create an amazing digital space for the global cargo network.”

“We have often witnessed the belly capacity utilisation of scheduled commercial flights is below 100%, at times about 50%. There is a huge opportunity for airlines to leverage on demand interlining on Freightchain to fill the belly space to deliver significant convenience, so they never have to fly empty.”

“Collaborating with Freightchain provides a new world of possibilities during this time to transport cargo to areas we aren’t able to reach on our own.”

“Our digital transformation to become more than just an airline has been gaining strong momentum. On the cargo and logistics front, we have established Teleport that will utilise cargo spaces not only on our AirAsia flights but also other airlines, and this provides great synergy to our business. We’re making it possible for businesses to transport cargo to places outside our network and the region like Moscow and Brussels.”

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