Spoton Logistics designs broad plan aimed at enhancing diversity at the workplace

Bengaluru-based engineering and technology-powered logistics company, Spoton has announced multiple initiatives anchored towards encouraging women in the organisation to take up leadership roles and at the same time, providing them with consultancy to balance their professional and personal lives, as needed.

The company is also hosting an online self-defense class and a leadership training session on March 08, on account of the International Women’s Day.

Spoton Logistics has also set up a support group for women in the organization primarily aimed at addressing any bias they face in day-today lives and offering them compassion and feedback that helps them find new possibilities and leads them to drive important changes in their personal and professional lives.

Commenting on the same, Abhik Mitra, MD & CEO, Spoton Logistics stated, “Conventionally, the logistics industry has been dominated by men owing to a number of reasons. In order to combat the skewed gender ratio both at ground level as well as the top level, Spoton has been committed to lead a culture of equal opportunity. To further propagate this, we are introducing a mentoring program to groom and encourage more women to have a significant participation in the organisation and be willing to take up leadership roles and not confine themselves. We are confident to lead the change in the industry and cement our position as one of the top employers in the sector.”

Jothi Menon, Director- HR, Spoton Logistics added, “Logistics has been one of the highest-employment-generating sectors for the country. We, at Spoton, are dedicatedly working towards a larger vision of creating tremendous opportunities for women in the sector by creating a more inclusive workplace. The objective is to nurture greater knowledge sharing and create a thriving ecosystem for innovation, enhanced decision-making and heightened group performance. To achieve this, we are consistently tapping into large talent pools, providing an equal opportunity for women from all walks of life to be a part of the organisation and become self-reliant.”

As a matter of fact, Spoton Logistics has always been extremely supportive of women who wish to join the organisation back even after a prolonged period of time, whether newly wedded women or returning mothers. The company has consistently offered them the flexibility to work from anywhere and set their mind at ease.

In January 2021, in a bid to encourage women team members, Spoton invited Apurva Purohit, Author of the book ‘Lady, You’re the Boss’. While the book draws from Apurva Purohit’s personal experiences and reveals how women minimise themselves, suffer from the imposter syndrome, and settle for less; it seamlessly weaves in real-life anecdotes to provide tips on dealing with discrimination at the workplace and encourages women to take the lead. She also answered questions on how women can achieve balance between work and life. There were some practical tips given on how to address gender bias.

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