Air France KLM Martinair Cargo introduces HERE TO CONNECT approach to network disruptions

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of connection, the resilience of our industry, and the industriousness of those who work with and within it.

Takling heed of the same, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, the Air France KLM Group’s dedicated air cargo business – has revealed a new industry-benchmarkling inititiave ‘Here to Connect’ – for its partners, customers, as well as its staff.

Adriaan den Heijer, Executive Vice President, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo explained, “We thrive on logistical, digital, and personal interconnection. No matter the size of the disruption, we cannot afford to be disconnected – either externally, from our customers and stakeholders, or internally, from one another. That’s why we are working to connect with the environment, across the globe, and into the future.”

“Logistical connections enable human connections. We want to serve customers when, how and where it matters most to them, enabling them to make their connections across the globe. We put customers in control of their own shipments through simple, transparent online tools in myCargo, making it easier than ever for forwarders to book and track their connections. Moreover, we are continually working to connect to new customers and become their go-to global cargo carrier of choice.”

“We are dedicated to enabling more sustainable connections across the world. AFKLMP Cargo’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme (SAF) connects partners in the cargo industry, in a joint effort to reduce CO2 emissions on a yearly basis.”

“During the pandemic, our work has been more important than ever, transporting vaccines and other specialised cargo needed to help in the global fight against the virus safely and securely, via our expanded and fortified IATA/CEIV Pharma certified control chain.”

“The success of our business is determined by the strength of our connections. That’s why we want to reinforce our commitment to keeping you connected, whatever happens. At Air France KLM Martinair Cargo – we are Here to Connect.”

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