LogiNext reports 40% rise in ‘med e-com’ deliveries since the onset of pandemic

Technology and automation company, LogiNext has witnessed a growth of 40% in medicine home deliveries since June 2020.

The growth has also picked up on the back of transportation management systems. E-Pharmacies too are on the rise and traditional pharmacy chains are rapidly undergoing a digital transformation journey to enable on-demand delivery, says the B2B route planning software company that helps pharmacists and retailers digitise their last-mile deliveries.

Ever since the pandemic, e-commerce has seen hyper-growth, especially the pharmacy business. Following the lockdown, customers were prompted to transition to online medical consultation, and subsequently delivery of medicine.

Moreover, as per the latest study on understanding consumer behaviour after the lockdown (post-mid 2020), more than 70% of consumers mentioned that e-buying of medicines has increased or remains constant. The global ePharmacy market is pegged to be over US$150 billion by 2025 and all brick and mortar retailers are revamping up their operations and supply chains to go online.

As economies open up, this trend has proliferated among consumers and digitisation is the way to go for pharmacies and retail businesses. Consumers now expect same-day deliveries in urban cities and enabling this has been made possible by technology solutions like LogiNext Mile Transportation Automation platform.

“We’ve seen a major spike in inbound inquiry from pharmacies to digitise and optimise last-mile delivery of orders. The LogiNext Mile software is the perfect solution for any large pharmacy handling hundreds of orders every day to automate their delivery management with last-mile tracking and advanced route planning,” says Mradul Khandelwal, VP of Global Sales and Strategy, LogiNext.

LogiNext works with major pharmacy chains like Apollo Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens to digitise and automate their retail business by leveraging technology. LogiNext provides a plug & play SaaS platform to enterprises to automate their logistics management. The software has some key functionalities like delivery route planning, route optimisation, B2B fulfilment along with complete visibility and tracking of the supply chain.

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