Aargus Global Logistics handles 3 air charters, plans for more

Aargus Global Logistics on Friday announced that in the last two weeks the company has handled three air charters as Project Cargo and expects to handle more in the near future.

The Project is for Royal Jordan Goverment and contains Oxygen Plants ex Delhi to Jordan, the company announced in its Linkedin post.

“The most exciting and challenging was handling of 8.2 tonnes, a single pc, with length of 82 feet approx., and it was herculean task to make it reach near aircraft for loading as none of the cargo gates were large enough to let it in. We had to take detour via Steel gate and we are thankful to Team Celebi, Jordan Embassy, BCAS, CRPF for their extraordinary efforts to make these charters a success,” said the company’s official spokesperson in the post.

“Our team, under the leadership of Saurabh Trikha & J P Singh has done a great job,” the spokesperson added.

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