When our work has a sense of purpose, it makes life meaningful and exciting

Journey so far!

Only a fortunate few chalk out their careers at an early age. I was not one of them. I applied for an airline job for all the wrong reasons, primarily to fund my future education. Not a woman’s job at the time, and not too many of us even today. Yet, working in the less stylish entrails of the aircraft as one of the ‘backroom boys’ — the endearing term used for airline cargo employees at the time — soon had me hooked. It’s been a long, varied journey of over four decades in the airline
and express business, working with a wide cross-section and some of the most talented people during my tenure at all the five major cities across the country. My involvement in the startup of India’s first cargo airline, Blue Dart Aviation was a great privilege and a unique opportu- nity. It was a proud, pioneering effort that charted a new path in the Indian skies. Today, Blue Dart Aviation is the oldest private airline in the country.

The biggest challenge

Building and sustaining an organisation that endures in an uncertain and volatile aviation environment is an ongoing

Values for success

Achievement or success is not an exercise in solitude, but an outcome of experiences, confrontation, choices and the contribution of people and events that have touched our lives. When our work has a sense of purpose, it makes life meaningful and exciting. All the effort, focus, discipline and learning become inputs towards a significant end.

Interests and hobbies

Architecture is my second love after aviation. The power to give form and beauty to function within a limited space never
ceases to amaze and inspire. I also enjoy reading, occasionally playing the piano (not well) and pottering amongst my plants.

Message for aspirants

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our work is the fact that we support the critical supply chains of numerous industries, we
facilitate trade and commerce; we contribute to our country’s economy and are amongst the largest employers globally. In a
rapidly evolving environment, with increasingly sophisticated technology interface, and the demands for sustainability, there are huge opportunities for innovation and development across the supply chain. I would encourage the youth, especially
young girls, to consider our industry as a viable career option. It’s an exciting space to be in.

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