SATA Air Açores extends partnership with CHAMP

SATA Air Açores has reportedly joined CHAMP’s Traxon cargoHUB community, the largest air cargo community service, in addition to signing for Cargospot Mobile, CHAMP’s warehouse handling mobile application – revolutionising and streamlining its handling and warehouse operations.

CHAMPs new services will provide further operational efficiencies, as well as enhanced connectivity and booking.

SATA also chose Traxon cargoHUB to work in tandem with the rest of its CHAMP services.

This will provide SATA access to the largest air cargo community, with digital access to thousands of stakeholders throughout the supply chain – regardless of format, protocol, enabling doing business with all community players via a single system.

SATA has been operating CHAMP’s Cargospot Handling solution, which will now operate alongside Cargospot Mobile, the warehouse handling mobile app that leverages “smart” functionalities of consumer mobile devices.

Through the use of API technology, anyone with a mobile device in the warehouse can connect directly to SATA’s cargo management system, allowing for seamless and accurate updates to shipment records, generating further efficiency gains.

“We have seen key benefits from using CHAMP’s solutions,” says Quitéria Andrade, Cargo Manager at SATA Air Açores. “Our growth and agility in the air cargo industry is thanks to having a steadfast partner by our side. By leveraging new technologies in our workflows, we can have a competitive edge in uncertain times.”

“We are pleased to renew and are uniquely positioned to seamlessly do business with the IT provided by CHAMP.”

“SATA will now benefit from a modern cargo community solution,” says David Linford, Director, Sales & Account Management at CHAMP Cargosystems. Traxon cargoHUB connects the supply chain and is a trusted partner to guide SATA through its next steps of digitalisation and automation. By adding Cargospot Mobile to its suite of services, SATA will have the most up-to-date technologies to achieve the productivity to foster wider growth.”

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to further serve a long-time partner and expand our services.”

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