Rock-it Cargo and Sela Sport Company join hands in global partnership

Event logistics specialists Los Angeles-headquartered Rock-it Cargo (Rock-it) and Jeddah-headquartered Sela Sport Company (Sela) have teamed up to form a global partnership supporting the growing sports and entertainment market in Saudi Arabia and beyond, says a release.

Under the partnership, which kicks off this month, Rock-it will act as Sela’s global freight forwarding and logistics provider in all countries outside of Saudi Arabia, with Sela acting as the logistics provider to Rock-it within Saudi Arabia.

“Rock-it now has a partner that is unrivalled in its live event experience across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sela now has a global partner with an extended network across five continents,” said Chief Executive Officer and President of Rock-it.

“Both companies are already well-established market leaders in delivering time-sensitive logistics solutions for live sporting and entertainment events, industrial projects, and much more. This new global partnership provides us with a strong opportunity to further grow our business and broaden our service offering for customers.”

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