PM Modi inaugurates 77-kilometer-long section of WDFC

In a momentous event today, PM Modi inaugurated a 77-kilometer-long section of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC), marking a significant milestone in India’s ambitious infrastructure development efforts. The inauguration ceremony, held in the presence of key dignitaries and government officials, showcased the country’s commitment to enhancing its transportation network.

The Western Dedicated Freight Corridor is a game-changing project that aims to revolutionize India’s freight transportation sector. The newly inaugurated 77-kilometer section connects key industrial regions, providing a dedicated pathway for the efficient movement of goods. With this achievement, India takes a major step towards reducing logistics costs, boosting manufacturing, and improving the overall economy. PM Modi, while addressing the audience, emphasized the importance of this project in promoting economic growth, generating employment, and reducing the carbon footprint. He noted, “The Western Dedicated Freight Corridor is a testament to India’s vision for a modern and efficient transportation system. It will not only enhance our connectivity but also make us a global logistics hub.”

The event was attended by several Union Ministers and top officials from the Ministry of Railways, underscoring the government’s commitment to accelerating infrastructure development in the country.

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