Panama-headquartered Cold Chain Technologies invests in Latin America

Panama-headquartered pharma packaging firm Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) is venturing into the Latin America market with the establishment of locations in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil.

The ISO 9001:2015 certified company’s cold chain solutions include its KoolTemp, EcoFlex 96 and Tyvek reusable parcels for the distribution of deep-frozen, frozen, refrigerated and controlled room temperature medicines. It also offers its Enshield Cargo Covers, KoolTemp EndeavAir Pallet System — all all of which can be used to help transport COVID-19 vaccines.

Additionally, CCT provides data analytics, tracking and modelling solutions.

Vanessa Alonso Burri, Regional Sales Director – LATAM at CCT said, “Leading companies around the globe place their critical pharmaceutical, biomedical and life science products in the hands of Cold Chain Technologies. We welcome the opportunity to offer the same extensive team of knowledgeable experts, our unrivaled engineering and science-based approach that, together with digital data analytic tools, can help Latam customers choose proven, reliable, cost-effective and smarter solutions to address their challenges.”

“By being global and acting local, we will ensure that we are providing best-in-class services and products while enhancing our in-region operational capabilities to allow further growth.”

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