Mahindra Logistics’ EDel touted as first pan-India EV service for last-mile delivery of high-end cargo

Integrated 3PL service provider, Mahindra Logistics Ltd (MLL) has announced the launch of its cargo last-mile delivery service under the brand name ‘EDel’.

EDel would initially operate across 6 major cities in India including Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata, before expanding to a total of 14 cities in the next 12 months. Its services can be seen in Bengaluru immediately, followed by New Delhi and the other 4 cities in the first phase of its launch.

EDel will deploy a fleet of EVs starting with 3W vehicles, designed for cargo applications. The fleet will be deployed by MLL in collaboration with its supply partners. MLL will also be establishing a network of dedicated charging infrastructure for its EV operations under EDel with connected telematics platform to enable customer experience, vehicle and battery utilisation, and network management.

The operating model and utilisation metrics of EVs today enables EDel to provide sustainable and competitive services when compared with traditional ICE powered solutions. With a load capacity and enhanced range that compares well with existing ICE options, EDel will give customers in the E-commerce, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Durables and Electronics industries a significant edge in efficient and responsible distribution and last-mile delivery solutions. EDel will provide multiple offerings including package and trip-based services, offering customers a scalable, sustainable and cost-efficient solution.

In Phase 1, EDel is focussed on deploying a fleet of 1000 vehicles. The initial focus will be on 3W cargo applications and EDel will primarily utilise the Treo Zor EV by Mahindra Electric.

Rampraveen Swaminathan, Managing Director and CEO of MLL said, “EDel exemplifies our collective vision of the Future of Mobility – a sustainable ecosystem that brings logistics solutions to customers across the world. Demand for last-mile services continue to grow across India, and we believe electric vehicles provide an ideal long-term solution for the emerging imperatives around sustainability and cost effectiveness. EDel is a key lever of our approach to sustainability. At Mahindra Logistics, we deeply believe in the need to adopt environment-friendly solutions and our business practices are aligned accordingly.”

In future, MLL will also evaluate expanding to 4W and other electric delivery options. The fleet will be expanded along with business partners with an aspiration to continue scaling and offering employment and business partner opportunities in the communities we operate in.

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