Lectrix EV and Jumppers forge partnership for sustainable logistics

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable logistics, Lectrix EV, a leader in India’s electric two-wheeler sector, has announced a strategic partnership with FYC TECH PVT LTD, known as Jumppers. This collaboration involves Lectrix EV supplying 500 electric vehicles to Jumppers, significantly enhancing their capacity to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly delivery services.

The partnership extends beyond vehicle provision, incorporating Lectrix EV’s advanced battery swapping infrastructure to boost Jumppers’ operational efficiency. This innovative swap network aims to revolutionise last-mile delivery by ensuring quick battery swaps, effectively eliminating downtime and range anxiety. Riders can expect seamless battery changes, averaging less than 50 seconds, with swap stations conveniently located every 5-10 kilometers. This setup guarantees 24/7 energy availability, enabling riders to maximise their earnings by Rs. 200-300 per day without the need for charging breaks.

Pritesh Talwar, President of EV Business at Lectrix EV, emphasised the strategic alignment between both companies: “Our goal is to electrify transportation in India. Logistics is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and the work that Jumppers is doing aligns with our sustainability goals as well. We are happy to join hands with them and support their efforts to expand their green fleet. This collaboration marks a significant step towards our shared vision of a sustainable future.”

Lectrix EV’s swap network is not only about efficiency but also cost-effectiveness, with battery and energy solutions priced at a competitive Rs. 1 per kilometer. The environmental benefits are equally impressive, with Lectrix EV’s fleet covering over 22 crore kilometers and saving 66.6 lakh kilograms of CO2 emissions, reinforcing their commitment to eco-friendly transportation.

Ajay Kumar Khandelwal, co-founder of Jumppers, expressed his excitement: “We are thrilled to announce that in 2024, Jumppers has expanded its fleet to include more than 500 vehicles in partnership with Lectrix. This significant growth underscores our commitment to sustainable and efficient last-mile delivery solutions, leveraging advanced electric vehicle technology to serve our clients even better.”

Jumppers’ electric fleet caters to prominent industry players such as Blue Dart, DHL, DTDC, Flipkart, and Smart-R, ensuring they can provide sustainable and efficient delivery solutions to these major stakeholders. This partnership sets a new standard in India’s logistics sector, highlighting the potential of innovative collaborations in driving sustainability and operational excellence.

This collaboration between Lectrix EV and Jumppers not only signifies a milestone in India’s transition towards greener mobility but also sets a precedent for innovative partnerships driving sustainability in the logistics sector.