Gati-KWE to launch 1.5 lakh sq ft largest surface transhipment centre in the country’s capital

Gati-KWE, India’s premier express logistics and supply chain solutions providers has announced that it will launch its largest Surface Transhipment Centre (STC) in Delhi, spread over 1.5 lakh sq ft area.

To start operations in June this year, the state-of-the-art, tech enabled STC located on Western Peripheral Expressway in Delhi will offer superior transit time, accuracy in cargo delivery and high locational advantage of access to all major National Highways.

To build the facility, the Allcargo Group company has taken up space at the parent organisation’s 1.8 million sq ft logistics park at Farukh Nagar.

“We are setting up our largest STC in Delhi because the region has been witnessing robust economic growth. The advanced express logistics infrastructure at the facility with enhanced operational efficiency, productivity and throughput will emerge as a key enabler of economic growth in that region. The STC will have the capability to process and transport a massive volume of cargo thanks to the technology integration in the operations and time-defined short-haul and long-haul connectivity,” said Bala Aghoramurthy, Deputy Managing Director, Gati.

Apart from consolidating Gati-KWE’s logistics operations on the outskirts to decongest the city, the STC adheres to the green belt requirement. The facility has been conceptualised to achieve economy of scale and provide unparalleled customer service. It will have the capacity to process cargo for short-haul deliveries in North India and long-haul movements across the country.

Gati-KWE’s STC in Delhi will benefit its customers by offering express trucking routes across the country to facilitate faster cargo movement and improved transit time. Gati-KWE is also working towards building competence for enabling short-haul movement from the Farukh Nagar STC to Delhi/NCR and the entire North India so that its customers from far south or north-east will be able to transport goods to North India in record time.

The facility has been designed to process cargo loads of almost 100 trucks a day. Thanks to the tech-enabled, automated and paperless process, there will be significant reduction in dwell time including the time taken for loading, unloading and moving cargo to the final destinations.

The tech-powered and artificial intelligence-driven round-the-clock vehicle tracking system at the STC will offer real-time updates and forecasting to facilitate informed, real-time decisions for unloading and sorting of cargo. The technology backbone also uses deep analytics which guides trucks to take the best possible routes while entering the facility as well as leaving the premises for completing deliveries to the final destinations.

The express logistics facility will also offer a user-friendly online interface through which Gati-KWE’s express logistics customers can raise queries and get regular updates on the movement of their consignments. The STC is equipped with multimodal transportation, catering to customers across industries. It is also equipped with all the essential amenities for truck drivers like washrooms, rest areas and cafeterias and residential facilities.

Gati-KWE has plans to come up with four more STCs in the near future.

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