Delhivery, AWS, Nexus Ventures join hands to launch startup accelerator program Velocity

In a groundbreaking partnership, Delhivery, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Nexus Ventures have come together to launch the eagerly anticipated “Velocity” accelerator program. This innovative initiative is set to act as a powerful catalyst for emerging startups operating within the logistics ecosystem, fostering their growth and transformation.

As the logistics industry continues to evolve in response to global economic shifts and heightened consumer expectations, nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship becomes increasingly paramount. The “Velocity” accelerator program has been designed to meet this challenge head-on, aiming to empower logistics startups and drive the industry forward.

Key highlights of the “Velocity” accelerator program include:

1. Empowering Logistics Startups: “Velocity” is tailored to support logistics startups at various stages of development. By providing access to mentorship, funding, and technology resources, the program is positioned to fuel the growth of these enterprises.

2. Leveraging AWS Expertise: Amazon Web Services, a global leader in cloud computing, will lend its expertise to the program. Participants will have access to AWS’s comprehensive cloud services, enabling them to develop and scale their innovative solutions with ease.

3. Nexus Ventures’ Investment Support: Nexus Ventures, a venture capital firm renowned for backing early-stage companies, will play a pivotal role in identifying promising startups and providing them with the necessary financial backing.

4. Focus on Innovation: The “Velocity” accelerator program will prioritize innovative solutions, spanning a wide range of logistics-related fields, including last-mile delivery, supply chain optimization, and data analytics.

5. A Robust Ecosystem: This collaborative effort leverages the strengths of all three partners to create an ecosystem conducive to fostering groundbreaking ideas, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement.

Mr. Sahil Barua, the CEO and Co-Founder of Delhivery, expressed his excitement about the program, stating, “The logistics industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. We believe that by partnering with AWS and Nexus Ventures for the ‘Velocity’ accelerator program, we can help nurture the next generation of logistics innovators. This program will be a game-changer, enabling startups to harness their potential and drive transformation within the industry.”

The launch of “Velocity” represents a significant step forward in the logistics sector, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing the industry’s evolving needs. As startups across the logistics ecosystem continue to flourish and bring fresh ideas to the table, this accelerator program is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of logistics. With the combined strengths of Delhivery, AWS, and Nexus Ventures, the program holds the promise of propelling innovative startups to new heights and facilitating a more efficient, technologically advanced logistics landscape.

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