DB Schenker launches inaugural charter flight solution connecting India to Germany, US

DB Schenker commenced its flight operations in the Indian logistics industry, providing a direct flight connecting Chennai to Munich and Chicago (wheels up-wheels down in less than 23 hours). The weekly flight operations initiative is the second offering under DB Schenker in India, part of the Global Flight Operations Program which further marks the company’s leadership in Air Freight services in India.

This would not have been possible without the support from Airport Authority of India Cargo Logistics and Allied Services Company Limited (AAICLAS). Speaking on this, Keku Bomi Gazdar, CEO of AAICLAS said, “It is a proud moment for us that today at Chennai airport we have added one of the largest global freight forwarders as our customer in India by connecting India to the Europe and the US.”

To keep the Air Freight supply chain stable during the pandemic, DB Schenker in India deployed over 100 charters to augment capacity challenges for our health care, pharma & other industry verticals. The company efficiently deployed weekly flight operations for both Imports & Exports between West India & United States & Europe.

The new B747F “flight operations” initiative is aimed at simplifying the logistics services of the fast-growing industries in India such as healthcare, retail & consumer, automotive and industrial offering seamless capacity to support customers. The cargo will be secured from departure to arrival with no extra handling requirement during the transit. The temperature sensitive cargo in the ULD’s will be covered with protective material to maintain temperature in transit from Chennai (MAA). Door to Door transit time via DB Schenker in India flight operations would remain 3 – 4 days approximately for Europe & US bound shipments.  

Speaking on the initiative, Vishal Sharma, CEO of the Cluster India and Indian Sub-Continent, DB Schenker said, “The introduction of our second flight operations is a significant step towards reinforcing our Global Flight Operations Program to meet the growing logistics demand of the customers in India. Our flight operations initiative started in early 2020 was highly appreciated by the customers. We are continuing the operations in 2021 also by introducing newer routes, offering timely and streamlined last-mile deliveries to customers.”

DB Schenker in India Air Freight commenced frequent full charter & flight operations in 2020 to overcome capacity shortages and peak demand during the global outbreak of the COVID – 19 pandemic.

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