CMA CGM to plant 10,000 trees in India, to foster long-term sustainability of the ecosystem surrounding Darjeeling

Global shipping and logistics specialist, the CMA CGM Group has undertaken a global reforestation initiative under which 110,000 trees for each of the Group’s 110,000 staff members will be planted throughout 12 countries as part of local reforestation programnes designed to regenerate natural diversity and support the development of local communities.

The Group is resolutely committed to sustainable development and to the preservation of our natural environment. As such, several initiatives have been undertaken that fully embody the Groups ‘Acting for People’, ‘Acting for Planet’ and ‘Acting for Responsible Trade’ commitments. ​

Building sustainable human communities in Darjeeling and adjoining areas

As part of this initiative, CMA CGM will plant 10,000 trees in the Darjeeling, in partnership with DLR Prerna, a local NGO dedicated to building sustainable human communities and the regeneration of natural forest habitats in the region.

The agroforestry project, mixing trees and teas, aims at regenerating the ecosystem degraded by intense tea monoculture. It will create a biodynamic ecosystem that brings optimal agricultural conditions for tea production in the long term (soil enrichment, erosion reduction) and increase diversify farmer’s revenues with multiple crops (timber and fruit sales in the local market and development of other natural products).

The project will also empower local farmers’ organisations with trainings and field workshops, and improve food sovereignty and household diets by planting fruit.

A global reforestation initiative balancing environmental, social and economic benefits

The global reforestation initiative will deliver environmental, social and economic benefits within each of the local communities and throughout the 12 countries involved in the project— Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, France, Romania, Morocco, India, China, Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Beyond mitigating the impacts of deforestation, planting trees promotes the regeneration of soils and ecosystems that are crucial to preserving biodiversity. ​

In addition, a number of CMA CGM staff members will have the opportunity to take part in participatory plantings in one or more of the 12 locations worldwide. This operation is led in collaboration with PUR PROJET, the Group’s partner with whom we develop an exclusive carbon compensation offer as part of our environmentally responsible ACT with CMA CGM+ services.

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