Seino Holdings partners with Mahindra Logistics to enter Indian market

Seino Holdings Co. Ltd., a prominent Japanese logistics firm, has announced its entry into the Indian market by forming a strategic partnership with Mahindra Logistics Limited. This collaboration aims to offer integrated logistics solutions, leveraging Seino’s global connections with Japanese automotive customers to meet their logistics needs in India.

Under the agreement, the two companies will establish a joint venture (JV) owned by Mahindra Logistics and Seino Holdings. The JV will provide comprehensive logistics solutions to Japanese automotive and strategic non-automotive customers. Services will include auto outbound logistics, warehousing, transportation, and a full suite of technology solutions. By utilising Mahindra Logistics’ extensive capabilities and robust network, Seino Holdings aims to deliver optimised logistics solutions across India, emphasising technology, process innovation, operational excellence, and sustainability.

India’s automotive industry has seen significant growth, becoming the third-largest automotive market globally. With a strategic focus on electric vehicles and initiatives like ‘Make in India,’ the industry is set for continued expansion, particularly among Japanese OEMs and auto component manufacturers.

Yoshitaka Taguchi, CEO of Seino Holdings Co. Ltd., stated, “Seino Holdings aims to provide significant value to customers. Collaborating with Mahindra Logistics’ unmatched capabilities, we endeavor to serve Japanese customers in India. Through this partnership, we will offer comprehensive logistics solutions supported by digitisation, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, allowing us to efficiently manage the end-to-end supply chain.”

Rampraveen Swaminathan, MD & CEO of Mahindra Logistics Limited, added, “India’s economic resurgence, complemented by its unique geographical location, offers Japanese multinational companies an unprecedented opportunity in the country. Seino Holdings aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering customer experiences and robust process capabilities throughout the supply chain. We envision this partnership contributing to the creation of a sustainable INR 1,000 crore business model over the next five years, further reinforcing the ‘Make in India’ initiative and fostering local manufacturing and economic growth.”