Southern Railway to establish state-of-the-art multi-modal cargo terminal at Arakkonam

Southern Railway’s Chennai division has announced the development of a state-of-the-art multi-modal cargo terminal at Arakkonam, poised to become a global hub for multi-modal cargo operations under the Gati Shakti Multi-modal Cargo Terminal Policy 2022. The new terminal is expected to attract an additional 10 lakh tonnes of goods annually, according to an official release.

The new facility, situated on railway land spanning one lakh square meters adjacent to the Arakkonam railway station, will generate local employment and provide an economic boost to Ranipet, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, and neighboring districts. The development and operation of the terminal have been contracted to JSW Infrastructure Limited under the vision of the Gati Shakti Multi-modal Cargo Terminal Policy.

JSW Infrastructure Limited will invest approximately Rs 40-50 crores into the project. The terminal will be equipped with two full rake length lines, ample wharf areas for efficient goods handling, approach roads with highway connectivity, service buildings, and other necessary amenities. The company has also been granted exclusive rights to construct additional infrastructure, including warehouses, mechanised loading and unloading facilities, specialised goods handling facilities, and value-added services for all users of the Arakkonam Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal.

The terminal is expected to significantly enhance logistics capabilities in the region, offering seamless integration of various modes of transport. This initiative will streamline cargo operations, reduce transit times, and lower logistics costs, thereby improving the overall efficiency of goods movement.

The establishment of the multi-modal cargo terminal at Arakkonam represents a major step forward in Southern Railway’s efforts to modernise and expand its cargo handling infrastructure. This development aligns with the broader goals of the Gati Shakti initiative, aimed at creating world-class multi-modal logistics facilities across India, boosting economic growth, and enhancing the country’s global trade competitiveness.