Rail operator Kombiverkehr KG adds services with Mortara in Italy and new connection to Netherlands’ Venlo

Germany’s largest intermodal network operator, Kombiverkehr KG has increased capacity and added a new terminal link on services between Italy, Germany and Benelux to offer a wider spectrum of intermodal services to customers on this leading European transport corridor via Switzerland.

From September 06, the trains between Mortara (Italy) and Krefeld (Germany) and between Mortara and Rotterdam CTT (Netherlands) will make five round trips a week in total. As of January 2022, there are to be eight weekly round trips on this route.

Peter Dannewitz, Head of Sales at Kombiverkehr said, “Since the Mortara services were integrated into our international network, the volume of consignments shipped on these routes has trended upwards. Many existing customers as well as new customers have ensured high train capacity utilisation.”

The existing product on the Mortara – Ghent (Belgium) v.v. route will be boosted from five to six weekly train departures in each direction.

The services to and from Mortara, which are run in cooperation with BLS Cargo, SSB Cargo and Captrain Italia, have been in the Frankfurt operator’s portfolio from February 2021.

Meanwhile, the Cabooter Railterminal in Greenport, Venlo, Netherlands, will be added to the Benelux/Italy product range with five departures a week in each direction in September.

The first train departure for Mortara will be on September 09, and direct trains will ensure a quick and particularly environmentally sustainable connection between the two multimodal locations in the Netherlands and Italy five times a week.

“With the addition of the Cabooter Terminal in Greenport Venlo, we are also gaining access to one of the strongest business and logistics locations in the Netherlands with an excellent multimodal transport infrastructure that is in very high demand from customers,” Peter added.

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