DHL adds new upgrades to myDHLi as user base grows

DHL has announced a series of new upgrades to its myDHLi online booking and management system as its user base grows rapidly in the first quarter of the year, says release.

The freight forwarding giant said in a statement that it would add road freight to existing ocean and air services to give its customers full visibility and ability to manage shipments across the supply chain. The roll out of the road functionality will begin in Turkey.

A ‘save and book’ option is also being added to the platform to allow users to come back to a booking they have started at a later date. A new DHLi Reports feature will allow users to run reports on past and current shipments for analysis.

Extra languages are also being added. There are currently 12 but this will soon increase to 32.

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight chief executive Tim Schwarth said that the platform has seen a “tremendous” increase in the number of users since the start of the year. “At the end of 2020 there were around 1,000 customers using the platform, but this has now increased to 3,000 across 62 countries. Meanwhile, revenues generated online in the first quarter were up by around 56% compared with a year earlier. We hopes that by the end of the year, between 8,000 and 10,000 customers will be using the platform.”

Schwarth added, “For us,myDHLi translates digitalization into customer-centricity. That’s why we put an enormous amount of work in theroll-out. Customers can easily book shipments through the platform that follows modern design principles while having full control over the quotes through 360-degree visibility.”

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