CargoAi to facilitate worldwide quoting and booking process for Etihad Cargo

Etihad Aviation Group has partnered with CargoAi to elevate Etihad Cargo’s API accessibility for freight forwarders, as part of its digitalisation strategy.

The latest collaboration with CargoAi will further enhance this through the provision of brand-new API accessibility for freight forwarders the world over.

By beginning of August, all aspects of the company’s offer of capacity- including rates, schedules, quotations and bookings – will be available via the platform. The unique Business Intelligence solution will for its part provide access to live data with staggering simplicity.

During the past few years, Etihad Cargo has accelerated its development of technology advancements which have provided simplified customer experiences through a number of partnerships. This has culminated in the launch of its brand new digital platform,

“Digitalisation has been at the core of Etihad Cargo’s strategy over the last three to five years, and continues to be a focus in driving digitalisation and streamlining processes across the air freight world. Our partnership with CargoAi supports this vision, and provides an additional tool which delivers a rapid and fluid digital booking services platform,” explained Martin Drew, Senior Vice President- Sales & Cargo, Etihad Aviation Group.

With CargoAi’s expertise in the areas of air freight and tech, integration is taking place at a record pace.

Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi noted, “Etihad Cargo is a cutting-edge, highly innovative carrier in the field of digital air freight. We are fortunate to have the chance to be the first provider to use their latest modern APIs. As cargo capacities worldwide are still restricted, e-marketing the Etihad Cargo offer on our platform is clearly a major opportunity for our freight forwarder clients.”

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