Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Eyes Expansion in the Philippines

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ) is exploring expansion in the Philippines. In a meeting with Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. at Malacañang Palace on May 2, Karan Adani, Managing Director of APSEZ, discussed plans to develop a new port in Bataan.

The proposed port, with a depth of 25 meters, would be capable of accommodating large Panamax vessels, making it a key addition to the Philippines’ infrastructure. The expansion aims to bolster the country’s maritime capabilities, providing a new gateway for international trade and strengthening its connectivity with global markets.

President Marcos welcomed the initiative and proposed a focus on ports that could handle agricultural products, reinforcing the government’s push to make the Philippines more competitive on a global scale. He highlighted the crucial role public-private partnerships play in driving economic growth, suggesting that collaborations like these could foster significant development in the nation’s transport and logistics sectors.

The announcement marks a noteworthy step in APSEZ’s ongoing international expansion efforts, while also presenting a considerable opportunity for the Philippines to enhance its port infrastructure and further integrate into the global trade network. The new port project could also generate employment opportunities and stimulate local economies, contributing to broader economic growth.