FCS award accoladed to Network Airline Services Frankfurt due to increase of 16% in tonnage

Network Airline Services Frankfurt has been accoladed as one of the ‘Top Airline Performers for High Frankfurt Cargo Volumes’ in 2020, with an increase of 16% in tonnage compared to the previous year.

Frankfurt Cargo Services or FCS, a Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) subsidiary, has  been recognised as its top-performing airline clients of 2020, which includes NAS FRA, for their efforts and proactiveness in responding to disruptions to the air cargo industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Every year FCS awards each client with a customised Apfelwein-Bembel cider cup which signifies their success in the Frankfurt air cargo market throughout the past year, somewhat of an annual tradition.

Patricia Heilbrink, managing director Europe at Network Airline Services commented in a company release, “We’d like to thank FCS for recognising our efforts throughout the last year and especially for their cooperation and support during these unprecedented times. Our colleagues at NAS Frankfurt come together as a team time after time with their dedication and hard work, we have been able to support our customers not only in Europe but around the world to help beat the COVID-19 virus despite various restrictions and safety measures.”

The warmer months are fast approaching as 2021 continues but NAS Frankfurt, with its global colleagues, will continue to work together with their airline customers towards a successful recovery of both passenger airlines and wider air cargo markets.

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