Zeromile: At the heart of warehousing in Hyderabad


Zeromile Warehousing has been at the forefront of bringing perfection and prowess in design, construction and providing top-notch infrastructural services to companies with any kind of warehousing and storage needs in and around Hyderabad region. With vast expertise in the logistics industry over the past 16 years, the company has provided the best-in-class warehousing spaces, construction and management services for numerous companies of international repute.

Zeromile has successfully developed and leased over 1 million sq ft warehouse space to customers of international repute in e-commerce, retail, cold chain and 3PL companies. Under construction is about 1.6 million sq ft of Grade A Warehouse space as part of Zeromile Warehousing park, of which, first phase will see the accomplishment of million sq ft By April 2021. The company expects to complete developing the balance 650,000 lakh sq ft space, totaling to 1.6 million sq ft for delivery by the end of 2021, and around 2 million sq ft by March 2022 along with standalone BTS developments.

In the year 2021-22, Zeromile shall be making its presence felt in Bangalore market with a half a million sq ft warehousing park catering to its e-commerce clientele.

Market Potential

As a homegrown warehouse developer Zeromile Warehousing has been at the forefront of redefining and pushing up the warehousing standards in the Hyderabad market which is dominated by unorganised players.

The Zeromile Warehousing Park, Hyderabad’s biggest pure warehousing facility with a capacity of 1.6 million sq ft of Grade A + warehousing space currently spread over 60 acres – to cross 75 acres by the end of 2021 – is one-of-a-kind and sought after destination by e-commerce, Retail, 3PL and cold chain businesses. Located in the prime warehousing hub of Medchal the park brings great advantage of high quality and efficient warehousing spaces and great location giving access to Hyderabad outer ring road and numerous highways enabling connectivity to whole of central Indian region.

Zeromile runs Hyderabad’s most premier and advanced temperature-controlled facility in collaboration with India’s premier cold chain logistics company Snowman Logistics.

The company intends to establish one cold chain facility of about 4,000-5,000 pallet positions within any warehousing development project would help the clients to service the rising need for cold chain needs and enable a 360 degree serviceability of client’s needs.

Salient features

  • 12.5 meter maximum clear height with roof monitor
  • Seamless roofing system with Insulation
  • Laser screed FM2 flooring with densification
  • 160 lux LED lighting
  • Specialised shutter openings and dock levelers systems
  • CCTV surveillance and DG back up
  • 24×7 security
  • Fire hydrant and automatic water sprinkler system
  • 100% solar powered facility
  • Adequate water supply and scientifically designed Rain water harvesting system
  • Conference rooms, staying rooms as well as Driver resting areas
  • Canteen as well as sporting and recreation facilities
  • STP recycling and Zero Liquid Discharge facility
  • 2 crores liters capacity reservoir to capture clean roof top water
  • Landscaping and greenery to promote pleasant working spaces
  • Scrap yards, crèche , satellite washrooms for visitors and drivers
  • Ambulance and first aid center
  • Covered areas for staff parking

Unique Initiatives

Zeromile warehousing has been at the fore front of designing world class warehousing facilities along with innovative initiatives that have not earned accolades but have also enabled sustainability to these long-term projects in terms of costing and assurances of critical elements like power and water.

While 100% roof top solar power facilities bring down the power cost, our upcoming scientifically designed 2 crore litre water reservoir intended to capture clean warehouse roof top water enabling us to access to clean water on all 365 days to address our facility water needs, which in turn would be treated to use for our extensive Landscaping needs.

Common parking and driver utility areas like rest rooms, rest areas with sleeping facilities, food courts and their Smart Connectivity with the Client facility would help clients to design the inbound unloading and outbound loading schedules better without trucks jamming up on aprons releasing tremendous amount of pressure during peak demand times.

Zeromile understood the temporary space requirement problem of its ecommerce and retail clients and have come up with smarter solution of providing plug and play model of on demand space with full features addressing the clients short term warehousing needs during surge times like big billion day sales, prime day sales or even summer sales, etc.

Several more intelligent initiatives are under pipeline all designed to make the customer life easier as well enabling long term sustainability of the infrastructure and bringing costs down.

Hyderabad’s booming scenario

Hyderabad has always been a fascinating and irresistible destination for warehousing and industrial storage facilities, complemented by an existing logistics ecosystem and geographical advantage of being at a strategic location – a logistics bridge between the North and South of India – excellent connectivity to north Karnataka, Eastern Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh apart from Telangana through 12 national highways and 5 state highways.

Today, Hyderabad is being viewed as a central logistics hub connecting primarily the manufacturing states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, as well as others regions across Central and Southern India. Additionally, its connectivity to Kakinada and other seaports in coastal Andhra and Chennai serves as an added advantage.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, established track record and an impressive roster of renowned clients like Flipkart, DHL, Reliance retail, Mahindra logistics, Snowman logistics, Reliance Jio. etc. Zeromile is leveraging Hyderabad’s unique position as a leading destination and pioneering in efforts towards making the state a key warehousing hub of central India.

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