World’s largest digital air freight ecosystem torchbearer CargoAi places great emphasis on the planet

“People, planet and prosperity – Making air cargo sustainable for the future” was the title of the expert panel discussion hosted by Adani Group on the last day of the Air Cargo India trade fair on June 02, 2022 and featuring a broad spectrum of air cargo industry stakeholders. It aimed to illustrate how technology can support companies in becoming more sustainable, and underline that incorporating sustainable measures are imperative as opposed to optional.

This has been the aim that CargoAi embedded in its strategic objectives since it was founded in 2019. Digital solutions provide transparency, and thus a starting point for improvement, whether this is in process efficiency and reducing manual, paper-based workstreams, or in aspiring to meet carbon neutrality goals.

“In sustainability, as everywhere else, knowledge is power. We strive to provide our forwarders with the right tools and insights at the right point in their decision process to inform and steer towards better procurement decisions with respect to CO2 emissions,” Magali Beauregard CargoAi COO stated while discussing sustainability objectives and responsibilities in the expert panel.

In a first step, CargoAi pioneered the launch of an integrated CO2 emissions calculator in March 2021, which received enormous positive reactions. Sustainability data is shared across the various CargoAi process components. Gartner soon endorsed the Sustainability Calculator which enables the identification of more environmentally friendly routes so that users can make informed decisions to reduce their shipment’s carbon footprint. “What makes CargoAi cool are the elements of digitisation of manual processes combined with sustainability analysis that provides tools to freight forwarders to improve existing or offer new services,” added Magali.

“CargoAi is uniquely positioned in the market today, to inform and eventually influence the airfreight buyer’s decisions thanks to the CO2 data that we provide at every step of the procurement journey,” she outlined.

25% of the world’s capacity is already offered on CargoAi, and this is forecast to double by the end of 2022. Therefore, all steps to uncover key areas for greener processes, have wide-reaching potential. “Sustainability is part of our core mission and we are striving to continuously develop our product to better match the customers’ reduction targets. We are also fully engaged with the community to provide the industry with the necessary toolbox to reduce and compensate for their CO2 emissions,” Magali continued.

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