Supply chain managers gets a dash of proactive risk management intelligence with the launch of GAURI – from the house of 3SC Solutions

3SC Solutions has launched GAURI. A transformative chatbot powered by unparalleled Generative AI capabilities, GAURI marks a monumental shift in risk management within the supply chain industry.

Offering comprehensive insights, actionable recommendations, and the capability to respond to any supply chain query, GAURI’s agile interface traverses the complexities of supply chain management with ease.

The generative AI chatbot is a high-powered resource that can navigate the intricacies of the supply chain as it offers a versatile solution that goes beyond the traditional paradigms. It can identify potential risks, take mitigative actions, and act as a guide for supply chain inquiries. In addition to this, the chatbot integrates with systems to execute strategies and create a responsive value chain ecosystem.

One of the distinctive features of GAURI is its capacity to enable quick responses to supply chain inquiries with suggestive action plans. From analytics-driven insights aiding decision-making to potential risk identification. This dynamic approach makes it an evolutionary tool in the value chain risk management segment.

“3SC anticipates that GAURI’s launch will redefine the landscape of supply chain management, providing companies with a powerful tool to enhance resilience, optimise performance, and navigate the challenges of modern supply chain dynamics,” said Mohneesh Saxena, Chief Product Officer of 3SC Solutions.

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