Snowman opens first Grade A dry warehouse in Tamil Nadu for storing and distributing chemicals

Integrated temperature-controlled logistics service provider, Snowman Logistics opened its first-ever state-of-the-art Grade A dry warehouse for the chemical industry in Shoolagiri, Tamil Nadu. This is the company’s first venture into the chemicals business and debut step into storing and distributing hazardous chemicals.

The Shoolagiri facility is situated in Horizon Industrial Parks. It is a 50,000 sq ft warehouse and has the capacity to store 5500 MT of hazardous chemicals and dangerous Goods. The facility is equipped with modern storage and handling equipment and provides an efficient and secure storage solution for goods, for example, G+5 racking and meets all safety equipment and compliances. It is also well-wired with cutting-edge technology to provide a 24-hour monitoring system and fire protection for the safety of the stored goods.

Commenting on its new business line, Sunil Nair, CEO of Snowman Logistics says, “Being a market leader in the cold chain space for over three decades, we have come out of our comfort zone this time. We are very excited to serve and grow in this new segment and are committed to continuing to provide our customers with the highest quality services in the Chemicals space as well.”

“We are looking forward to working with BDP UGL Global Logistics (I), which is one of the world leaders in automobile chemicals and together implementing global standards and practices and developing world-class capabilities for storing and distributing hazardous chemicals in the region and beyond,” Nair further added.

At Shoolagiri, Snowman will operate the warehouse 24X7 and provide transportation services with a solid process mechanism. A central team of professionals will continuously monitor their services end-to-end, from the first to the last-mile, ensuring that the client assets are safe at all times.

Snowman Logistics will work with BDP UGL Global Logistics (I) – one of the world leaders in automotive specialty chemicals storage and distribution, and plans to soon extend to other chemicals domains and related customers.

Speaking on their association with Snowman Logistics, Pavithran M Kallada, Managing Director, BDP India says, “With our expertise in global chemical supply chain management and in-depth domain knowledge in dealing with chemical clients, we are expanding our capabilities in contract logistics. While we continue to add value to our global customers in the chemical sectors, we will also expand into other industries. The most important objective for BDP is to create a culture of compliance-focussed contract logistics ecosystem with our business partners.”

Manish Chaturvedi, Regional Director, BDP India adds, “As we consider expanding our warehousing and contract logistics space in India, finding a partner with the same value systems is crucial. As we sought to expand our solution offerings for our large chemical customers in the south of India, we were pleased to find a partner like Snowman, who has a focussed approach to infrastructure creation and shares the same values as BDP. This partnership is so exceptional because we were able to bring this fully compliant chemical storage facility from concept to operation within 100 days.”

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