Shipway launches ConvertWay to revolutionise e-commerce marketing

Shipway, an e-commerce shipping aggregator supported by IndiaMART, has introduced ConvertWay, a new customer data and marketing automation platform specifically designed for the e-commerce sector. ConvertWay aims to address the growing challenges of high ad costs and customer acquisition costs (CAC) by enhancing website conversion rates and customer retention.

“In today’s market, where rising ad costs and customer acquisition costs make achieving high website conversion rates increasingly challenging, ConvertWay is poised to transform how businesses convert website visitors into paying customers and retain them longer,” the company stated.

Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder of Shipway, emphasised the platform’s mission: “At ConvertWay, we are collecting billions of data points every month and with that data we are empowering businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers. We aim to democratise customer engagement for eCommerce by enabling all size merchants with sophisticated customer engagement tools.”

ConvertWay addresses key marketing challenges by focusing on several critical parameters:

  • It provides merchants with potential buyers lists, ROI-focused conversions, and strategies to drive revenue from existing customers.
  • It employs gamified popups and scratch cards to capture website traffic, facilitating faster conversions and effectively engaging visitors.
  • It prioritises marketing budgets by using SMS and WhatsApp for intelligent segmentation, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience at the right time, boosting conversions by up to five times.
  • It automates retention workflows, enabling brands to generate up to 50% of their revenue from existing customers through advanced segmentation and targeted messages.

“ConvertWay distinguishes itself from other tools and competitors by focusing on first-party data, which is directly collected from customers to drive marketing strategies,” the release stated. This focus is crucial as third-party cookies and data face increasing privacy restrictions. ConvertWay’s AI-based segmentation tools empower businesses to build stronger customer relationships, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

In a competitive e-commerce landscape, ConvertWay offers a comprehensive suite of tools to maximise conversions and unlock significant revenue potential for businesses of all sizes.