Shining a light on the silent heroes behind Turkish Cargo’s everyday operations

Turkish Cargo has been carrying out the air cargo transportation operations under the favour of talented colleagues. In these operations, there are really important occupational groups from pilots to loadmasters. Through some short video features, Turkish Cargo tells us about the working day of each occupational group in the cargo division. Check it out and get to know them all together!

Our Explosive Detection Dog Aska and her Handler Sezer Canavar make a great team

Sezer says that it is a very serious responsibility to ensure security in a system where tons of cargo are transported all over the world every day. He also feels lucky to be partners with Aska. Watch their video to see why!

Customer Service Officer Tuba Yılmaz

She is working at Cargo Customer Services Department. Her job is to coordinate for solutions with our domestic and international stations in line with the demands of our customers and to inform them 7/24 without interruption. 

As she mentions that If we are smiling, those who communicate with us also smile. Watch her how she is working positively! 

The talented Loadmaster Koray Tunç İle Tanışın

Safe transportation of cargo from one point to another in the air cargo industry requires high mathematical knowledge, hard work, rapid analysis and evaluation skills. Loadmasters are responsible for all these processes in a cargo plane. Let Koray tell you about the details of all these complex works and the beautiful aspects of being a loadmaster!

Operation Control Officer Oğuzhan

How do we follow the flight process of a freighter? Well, our Operation Control Officer Oğuzhan and his team monitor the process of a freighter from pre-flight to the completion of the flight, from start to finish.

Watch his video to learn about the enjoyable aspects of his role!

Ulas Berk Bayramoglu, a Turkish Cargo Pilot!

Let’s hear what his profession means to him from Ulas Berk Bayramoglu, II. Pilot at Turkish Cargo delivering world’s needs to its every corner.

Mehmet Tuncer, one of Turkish Cargo’s Check-in Specialists

Punctuality and a smooth operation is of utmost importance at Turkish Cargo. Click to learn more about the profession of Mehmet Tuncer, who works as a Check-in Officer.

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