PLUSS Advanced Technologies joins United Nations’ Cool Coalition

PLUSS Advanced Technologies has joined the Cool Coalition a global multi-stakeholder partnership led by the United Nations Environment Programme, to accelerate the transition to efficient, climate-friendly cooling for allThe Cool Coalition connects a wide range of key actors from government, cities, international organisations, businesses, finance, academia, and civil society groups to facilitate knowledge exchange and joint action towards a rapid global transition to efficient and climate-friendly cooling. It was launched in September 2019 at the Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit, and is now working with over 120 partners.

PLUSS makes over 35 indigenously developed optimal temperature maintenance products that have a wide application, ranging from in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning & refrigeration, pharmaceutical shipping, medical devices, building interiors, cold-chain, home-appliances, to retail and agriculture-sectors, and wherever there is a requirement to maintain a constant temperature without the need for electricity for extended periods of time.

“At PLUSS, we emphasize meeting the needs of the present generation without having the needs of the future generations compromised. The cold chain infrastructure for agriculture and pharmaceutical industries and cooling for the built environment need innovative solutions that can pave the way for improved quality of life as well as economic growth, in both the developed and developing countries. With increasing affluence, modernization and growth of the middle class, there is an attendant increase in cooling requirements. PLUSS, in partnership with the Cool Coalition, will endeavour to boost efficient and sustainable ways of cooling for everyone” said Samit Jain, CEO of PLUSS Advanced Technologies.

“Getting to efficient, climate-friendly cooling for all cannot be achieved without innovation from the private sector. Innovation is key to ensure the availability and accessibility of sustainable cooling solutions. For this reason, we are delighted to have PLUSS Advanced Technologies join the Cool Coalition, a globally recognized leader in innovation for thermal energy solutions,” commented Lily Riyahi, Coordinator of the Cool Coalition.

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