Pidge joins ONDC to boost e-commerce growth in India

Logistics technology provider Pidge has recently announced its collaboration with the government-run Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). This strategic partnership aims to accelerate e-commerce growth, particularly focusing on hyperlocal and same-city deliveries across India.

By leveraging Pidge’s extensive network, which includes over 200 regional and national partners, the initiative seeks to increase e-commerce penetration beyond the current 5% level in the country. The ONDC Network aims to promote inclusivity for sellers, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Ratnesh Verma, Founder and CEO of Pidge, stated, “ONDC Network aims to ensure inclusivity for sellers, especially SMEs, among other objectives that are well-aligned with our offerings at Pidge.” Pidge’s intelligent logistics solutions optimise delivery routes and provide real-time order tracking through shared rider pools, aligning with ONDC Network’s goal of market democratisation and a decentralised process.

Pidge’s AI-powered technology streamlines last-mile logistics, offering 100% end-to-end fulfilment across diverse industries. This aligns with the ONDC network’s vision of digitising the entire e-commerce value chain. The company’s offering, Pidge Powered Network (PPN), empowers local suppliers with advanced technology, aiming to enhance tech adoption in areas with limited or no accessibility, especially in Tier II and Tier III cities.

T. Koshy, MD & CEO of ONDC, emphasised the significance of this collaboration: “With Pidge onboarding onto the Open Network, the small and micro businesses across the country can leverage Pidge’s advanced logistics capabilities and extensive partner network to expand their reach into newer markets.”

Verma also highlighted the potential benefits for sellers, noting that this partnership will enable them to utilise Pidge’s platform to expand their e-commerce reach through the ONDC Network. This approach aims to promote a sustainable business model, enhancing reliability, accessibility, and ease of use across India’s diverse value chain.

The collaboration between Pidge and ONDC is expected to provide substantial benefits for small businesses across India. The initiative will empower small businesses by facilitating end-to-end on-network transactions, making it easier for them to reach new markets and enhance their operational efficiency.