Locus representative vendor in Gartner’s 2022 market guide for supply chain network design tools

Locus, a global B2B SaaS logistics planning and dispatch optimisation platform for last-mile delivery enterprises announced its recognition as a Representative Vendor in 2022 Gartner ® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools.

“High-impact disruptions have made structural design of networks and product flows harder to hold steady. The frequency with which organisations review the design of their supply chain networks has increased from being measured in multiples of years to months or even weeks, due to shifts in markets and consumer behaviour,” Gartner said in the report.

“A well-planned network design is indispensable for running frictionless last-mile deliveries. Given the growing complexities in modern supply chains, more brands are now rethinking their distribution networks. With ‘what if’ simulations and supply chain digital twin representations, we help enterprises design flexible and optimal distribution networks for smooth flow of merchandise. Being listed as a representative vendor in the latest Gartner® Market Guide is an absolute honor for us as we strive to make last-mile logistics effortless for enterprises across the globe with our tech,” Nishith Rastogi, CEO and Founder of Locus said.

Locus uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to offer solutions like route optimization, real-time tracking, vehicle allocation, fleet utilisation, insights and analytics.

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