KSH Logistics opens warehouse facility in Mumbai with flexi-capacity solution for businesses of all sizes

One of India’s leading providers of integrated supply-chain solutions, KSH Logistics has expanded its warehousing footprint by opening a new multi-client facility (MCF) in Bhiwandi, Mumbai.

With this expansion, KSH Logistics has expanded its MCF business to two key markets of Pune and Mumbai while taking its current warehousing capacity to over 300,000 sq ft with over 3000 pallet positions.

Over the next 12 months, the company plans on expanding its MCF network to 6 cities and take up the total area to 700,000 sq ft with over 7000 pallet positions.

Commenting on the opening of the warehouse, Deepak Tiwari, COO of KSH Logistics saID, “With the new Grade A MCF warehouse in Bhiwandi, we are giving businesses of all sizes the opportunity to use warehouse space as per their need. We don’t need lengthy contracts, no back-to-back guarantee, no warehouse deposits.”

He further added, “KSH Logistics is an integrated supply-chain logistics solution provider in India providing a network of MCFs across India to support businesses and help them save up to 10% on their operational costs through our techno-logistics solutions and networks. We have also created a ready-for-use capacity for e-commerce and small businesses and offering them pan-India distribution capabilities and inventory storage facilities in Bhiwandi and Pune. Our expansion plan includes setting facilities in NCR and Bengaluru regions.”

Snehil A Singhai, Head– Business Development, KSH Logistics expressed, “We have an asset-light plug-and-play model where businesses can use the space and pay as per use. The new Grade A MCF warehouse offers DC consolidation model and network optimisation services. At this facility, value-added services like co-packing, kitting, and labelling are also available, along with extending B2B distribution services through our fleet of vehicles and electric vehicles.”

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