Hellman Worldwide Logistics introduces electric and Bio-LNG trucks

German transport and logistics giant, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, is taking significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint by introducing electric and bio-LNG trucks into its fleet.

In a proactive move towards sustainability, Hellmann has incorporated two fully electric 40-tonne Volvo swap body trucks into its operations, accompanied by the necessary charging infrastructure. This initial step marks the beginning of a broader strategy, with plans to expand the e-truck fleet by adding four additional distribution vehicles by summer.

The deployment of these all-electric trucks is strategically focused on the middle-mile routes between Osnabrück and Bremen, covering distances of 550 to 700 km daily. To support seamless operations, Hellmann is installing a robust 300 kW charging infrastructure with buffer storage, enabling the trucks to operate efficiently in two shifts. Looking ahead, the company aims to further enhance its urban delivery capabilities by introducing four more all-electric 16-tonne trucks, ensuring emission-free deliveries in urban areas.

Furthermore, Hellmann has embraced bio-LNG as a sustainable fuel source for its growing LNG fleet. Since the beginning of the year, the company has exclusively fueled its vehicles with bio-LNG, sourced from regional production facilities that utilise organic residues like liquid manure and dung. This commitment to alternative fuels aligns with Hellmann’s goal to have over a third of its trucks running on eco-friendly options by mid-year.

Hellmann’s proactive adoption of electric and bio-LNG trucks underscores its dedication to environmental responsibility and demonstrates a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions in the transport and logistics sector. Through these initiatives, the company sets a notable example for the industry, driving positive change towards a greener future.