Dachser India’s Hyderabad and Mumbai airport locations obtain IATA CEIV Pharma recertification

Dachser has been successfully recertified with the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification from IATA for its Hyderabad and Mumbai branches.

The transportation of life science and healthcare products must meet strict requirements. Medicines, vaccines and other pharmaceutical products are often temperature-sensitive, urgent shipments that must be handled in compliance with a highly complex regulatory environment. As an industry standard, CEIV Pharma certification provides coverage of the specific requirements of pharmaceutical products shippers in terms of safe, correct and efficient air cargo services.

“With the recertification, we confirm our capabilities in Life Science and Healthcare in India,” says Timo Stroh, Global Head of Airfreight and Life Science and Healthcare Logistics at Dachser.

The same standards apply for recertification as for initial certification. CEIV Pharma certification requires internal and external training, a review of procedures for handling temperature-controlled life science and healthcare shipments, and a comprehensive evaluation of these complex processes by an independent auditor.

“We strive to adhere to the highest international standards in global transportation of sensitive products,” states Timo Stroh.

“We are proud of this recertification and once more confirm our strong presence in the Indian market despite worldwide COVID-19 impacts. For the Business Field Solution Life Science and Healthcare Logistics at DACHSER, the Indian subcontinent is an essential pillar.”

Apart from the Mumbai and Hyderabad stations, DACHSER Shanghai (China), Frankfurt (Germany) as well as Atlanta (USA) are certified by IATA. With the Life Science and Health-care Logistics Quality Management System being implemented on global level, DACHSER can ensure the uniform processes in all countries.

CEIV Pharma offers the pharmaceutical industry a globally uniform and recognised certification for the handling of pharmaceutical products that meets and exceeds international standards and guidelines. These include the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia and the IATA regulations on temperature control.

If you interested in additional information and transport solutions of our Business Field Solution Life Science and Healthcare Logistics, please contact your local DACHSER representative or our dedicated Life Science and Healthcare team.

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