CrimsonLogic, KTZ Express, Digital Silk Way to develop Kazakhstan as a critical transit point within Asia-Europe trade flows

CrimsonLogic, a member of the PSA Group, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with KTZ Express, a subsidiary of Kazakhstan Rail Company, and local IT partner Digital Silk Way to establish a digital trade corridor to help facilitate paperless trade for the region.

The proposed initiative will serve the Trans-Caspian route, which starts from Southeast Asia and China, through Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and beyond to Europe.

With the increased trade flow between Asia and Europe, Kazakhstan is centrally positioned to serve as a logistics hub, especially for critical markets such as China.

Saw Ken Wye, CEO of CrimsonLogic said, “In this new norm, the world is seeing increased pressure on the global supply chain. With this new digital trade corridor, it will make it easier to facilitate trade via the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route, providing shippers and carriers more options, especially to land-locked countries.”

The core of the corridor is an integrated solution consisting of CALISTA (a supply chain orchestration platform by GeTS, a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic) and another solution with local partner Digital Silk Way.

This initiative will aim to facilitate better B2B2G trade regulatory compliance and improve global trade connectivity digitally.

KTZ Express will be the flagship logistics operator for this integrated digital trade corridor for Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Nurlan Igenbayev, CEO of KTZ Express stated, “Our cooperation will accelerate the transition to paperless technology for shippers and consignees to transport goods.”

“Most importantly, this will strengthen international cooperation, increases transit traffic through Kazakhstan, expands the market for transport services, as well as creating new logistics chains.”

Doszhan Zhussupov, CEO of Digital Silk Way said, “We believed that increasing the effectiveness of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route and transforming the related digital infrastructure will best serve Kazakhstan and stakeholders in the trade and logistic community in Asia and Europe.

“We are taking on the challenge to transform existing processes to create a single platform that can provide seamless document flow digitally connecting China to Europe in the appropriate forms and languages.”

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