Centre unveils National Logistics Excellence Awards, to laud extraordinary measures taken by organisations during pandemic

With a view to turn the spotlight on the logistics sector, the centre recently announced the launch of National Logistics Excellence Awards.

“The framework of awards has been finalised in consultation with the logistics associations and forum user industry partners,” says the press communiqué released by the Ministry of Commerce of Industry on July 20.

“The awards are in two categories, the first group includes logistics infrastructure/service providers and second one is for various user industries. There was wide scale appreciation from user industries for giving the due recognition to various players involved in the logistics supply chain,” the release said.

“The awards are aimed at highlighting best practices including consolidation, process standardisation, technological upgrade, digital transformations, and sustainable practices.”

“The awards will also be an opportunity to laud the extraordinary measures organisations have taken to address the deficiencies exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic including last-mile delivery start-ups, development of cold storage facilities, effective transportation of oxygen, and uninterrupted supply of essential goods and services to the needy,” it added.

“Through these awards we aim to turn the spotlight on logistics service providers who have attained operational excellence, adopted digitisation and technology, improved customer service and pursued sustainable practices, among other achievements,” said Pawan Agarwal, Special Secretary, Logistics Division, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India..

“For user industries, the awards will showcase efforts towards supply chain transformation, supplier ecosystem development, skill development, automation, and other similar endeavours,” he added.

An important outcome of the event will be a library of case studies on best practices in logistics, showcased as a “Logistics Excellence Gallery” under URL https://excellenceawardslogistics.gov.in hosted at the website of Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Logistics service providers and end-user industries doing exceptional work in the field of logistics will be featured in the gallery.

Organisations are invited to submit entries via the ministry of commerce and industry website. Shortlisted entrants will present their case to a National Jury panel, which will decide the winners. The panel will be chaired by the Special Secretary, Logistics Division, and will comprise senior representatives from line Ministries, Logistics and Supply chain experts from leading academic and research institutions, and CXO-level professionals from user-industries and service providers.

The winners will be announced on October 31, 2021. All case studies by finalists in the National Jury round will be showcased in the Logistics Excellence Gallery.

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