Çelebi India’s Delhi Cargo Terminal successfully handles Airbus H125 helicopter shipment

Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal, a prominent player in the aviation logistics industry, recently announced the successful handling of an Airbus H125 helicopter shipment. This special cargo, weighing a total of 6,539 kilograms, was transported from France to Delhi via Doha on Qatar Airways.

This achievement underscores Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal’s expertise and efficiency in managing unique and complex shipments. The seamless handling of the helicopter, which required meticulous planning and precise execution, highlights the terminal’s capability to manage diverse and challenging cargo movements. Such operations are a testament to Çelebi’s advanced infrastructure, skilled workforce, and adherence to stringent safety protocols.

The successful handling of the Airbus H125 helicopter is more than just a logistical triumph; it reflects Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal’s commitment to providing top-tier cargo logistics solutions. Their ability to accommodate and efficiently process such specialised cargo reinforces their reputation as a trusted and preferred partner in the logistics industry.