Çelebi expands cold storage facilities in Frankfurt

As part of the preparation for the increasing flow of pharma shipments and to keep Çelebi’s aim and focus on its planned growth, the ground handler recently announced the opening of a brand-new cold storage facility in Frankfurt Airport.

Celebi Cargo Managing Director Christopher Licht welcomed Senior Vice President Cargo at Fraport AG Max Philipp Conrady for an opening ceremony, which took place in line with all corona restrictions.

Even during these unpredictable times, Celebi Cargo continues to invest into further growth, especially in preparation for the urgently required pharmaceuticals in 2021 with the addition of 3 individual temperature-regulated cool chambers, increasing total capacity by more than 1400 cbm.

All of the facilities are equipped with racking systems, allowing storage of cargo up to 3 levels high. Furthermore, the 3 chambers provide state-of-the-art temperature control sensors, as well as an advanced alarm system that allows 24×7 real-time tracking for customers via a mobile app.

Additonally, Çelebi Cargo GmbH has signed the consultancy agreement with IATA in 2020, in order to achieve the next milestone and become a fully CEIV certified company in 2021. As a member of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, Çelebi Cargo GmbH contributes to the development of Frankfurt Rhein/Main into one of the leading cargo/pharma airports in Europe, by a significant increase of the current cold storage facilities.

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