ATC Aviation Services adopts CargoBooking solution powered by Awery Aviation Software

General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA) ATC Aviation Service is adopting a new online booking solution called CargoBooking, which automates processes and provides instant quotes.

The online solution, powered by Awery Aviation Software, allows ATC customers to book Airway Bills (AWB) and benefit from an end-to-end track-and-trace facility.

CargoBooking converts inbound email quotation requests into instant quotes and its Quotation Management System delivers published rates, contract rates and allocations, and SPOT or promo rates.

“With the new e-booking tool, we are improving the digital interface to our customers, which is available 24/7,” said Ingo Zimmer, Chief Executive Officer, ATC.

“The personal contact through our sales staff will continue to be maintained and focused on individual needs.

“The e-booking platform is the next big step to continue our digital growth path besides other IT tools supporting our operational efficiency.”

CargoBooking can connect to any airline, integrating with operating and accounting systems using an Application Programming Interface (API), or clients can book with their own AWB number.

Confirmed bookings are automatically entered into an airline’s software, avoiding the need for double keying, and reducing booking times to seconds rather than minutes.

“As one of the largest GSSA Groups in the world, ATC manages vast volumes of enquiries, data, and bookings across numerous airline partners’ networks,” said Vitaliy Smilianets, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Awery Aviation Software.

“Awery was chosen to assist ATC in ensuring that these functions could all be managed as efficiently as possible, both for clients and internal stakeholders.

“Having ATC as our launch partner has been a huge success and we are already seeing the benefits for them, and their clients being realized.”

ATC is using CargoBooking in Germany, where it is headquartered, starting with a major airline customer, and will roll out the platform across its global network of 34 countries over coming weeks.

“We are continuously working to make the booking experience even smoother for our users,” said Paul Breburda, ATC Vice President Commercial.

“Eighty percent of our customers are happy to handle simple inquiries by themselves.

“The channel is already in use in test markets and has been well received.”

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