AICT’s forward march towards safe and secure digital documentation in association with TradeLens

Karachi-based Al-Hamd International Container Terminal (AICT) has become the first inland depot operator in Pakistan to join TradeLens, the Blockchain-powered digital container logistics platform.

AICT is also the first network partner for TradeLens in Pakistan, thus leading the digitisation journey of Pakistan’s container logistics and supply chain ecosystem.

AICT is located in Pakistan’s biggest industrial zone Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) and is a well-connected container terminal responsible for 70% of off-dock trade taking place through the port.

Customers moving import and export cargo through AICT will be able to make full use of the solutions provided on the TradeLens platform such as Electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) and TradeLens products that offer true end-to-end visibility in addition to digital documentation.

“Our motto at AICT is ‘Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology’. Joining TradeLens is a step in the right direction for us in moving closer to our vision of leading the digital change in Pakistan’s logistics ecosystem,” said Ahsan Sarwar, Executive Director, AICT.

“We strongly believe that this will be a game-changer for our customers, opening opportunities for them to take critical decisions that will help them save cost and manage supply chains with most accuracy,” he added.

TradeLens is a neutral platform which utilses data from shippers and cargo owners, 3PLs and freight forwarders, intermodal operators, customs and government authorities, ports and terminals, and several ocean carriers. This data along with digital documentation helps all the stakeholders in the supply chain with in-depth visibility for taking informed decisions and move towards highly efficient process that are no more manual, paper-based.

The TradeLens ecosystem now includes more than 300 organisations, encompassing ten ocean carriers and data from more than 600 ports and terminals. TradeLens has already processed 42 million container shipments, nearly 2.2 billion events and some 20 million documents.

In total, five of the top six global shipping carriers are now integrated onto the platform contributing to the digitisation of documentation and automated workflows.

“With the TradeLens platform, we are providing transit visibility across permissioned stakeholders through the journey of the cargo from origin to destination as well as safe and secure digital documentation. AICT has taken the first step and as more carriers, ports, customs authorities, shippers, and other logistics partners join this journey, we will be able to strengthen digitization and transform the way we do logistics globally,” said Thomas Sproat, Head of Network Development, GTD Solution Inc, and TradeLens.

Maersk is one of the largest shipping and logistics companies in Pakistan. As an initial developer of the TradeLens platform along with IBM, Maersk has also played a fundamental role in enabling the onboarding of AICT on TradeLens network.

“AICT joining TradeLens is a great development towards digitising logistics in Pakistan. As more and more partners join the network, the whole logistics ecosystem will start transforming into an efficient system that will benefit everyone involved. TradeLens can play a game changing role for the country and has the potential to be an integral part of Pakistan Single Window project. We look forward to more stakeholders in other parts of the supply chain to join the network and together work towards digitised future of Pakistan’s logistics” said Aruna Hussain, Managing Director, Maersk Pakistan.

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