aahaa Technologies launches DigiSell, a SaaS platform accelerating digital transformation for SMEs

aahaa Technologies, a pioneer in simplifying B2B selling and purchasing, today announced the launch of the latest version of their pioneering product DigiSell, a comprehensive, self-service platform which enables small and medium enterprises to create their own e-commerce store so that they can receive and process orders from B2B/B2B2B/D2C segments. With state-of-the art user controls and configurations – including dynamic B2B pricing, contracts, catalogue creation, ordering, tracking, inventory and stock management – the product is becoming a game changer for sectors as diverse as healthcare, food and agriculture, manufacturing, packaging, corporate gifting, apparel and construction, among others .

Commenting on the launch of the product, Asokan Sattanathan, Founder & Chairman, aahaa Technologies said“We are thrilled to be offering SMEs across a range of businesses the benefits of migrating their offline sales and distribution operations online. In the last year, the pandemic compelled many businesses to take various processes digital and there is no going back. DigiSell was  created to enable SMEs in this mission and we remain committed to evolving in this domain.”

DigiSell is an ideal solution for businesses to enhance distribution efficiency and grow their B2B sales. With its advanced technology, it has the potential to free up the sales team from managing cumbersome processes, present and promote products in the form of an e-Catalogue with client-specific dynamic pricing capabilities.

It also helps businesses expand to new geographies and add new products and maintain a single system for all customer orders in both B2B and B2C sectors. Additionally, this platform empowers their  clients to initiate ordering of contracted goods from anywhere, anytime,  get real-time updates on deliveries and gain insights on product mix & sales trends dynamically.

In terms of technology, DigiSell assures its clients of 99.95% uptime and encryption of  data on transit and at rest.  Bank-grade security is deployed on AWS cloud which is another positive aspect.

As a SaaS product, DigiSell is now free to try for users who can then choose from a range of plans that best suit their requirements. Self-onboarding and seamless upgrade to advanced versions help phase the transformation to suit their needs while maintaining business continuity and data integrity.

“No SME wants to remain small or medium all their life as every organisation strives to grow. DigiSell’s role is that of an efficient enabler which opens up new markets, adds new revenue sources and frees up human resources to focus on more productive processes. For an entrepreneur, the cost of owning an e-commerce store on DigiSell will pay for itself handsomely many times over,” Sattanathan added.

The platform is built on a multi-tenant architecture. Every customer’s data is separated with a unique tenant-Id to ensure that one customer’s data cannot be accessed by another. An added advantage is that whether it  is a product or service, industrial products, textiles and fashion products, spare parts, office stationery, housekeeping supplies, etc. can be easily listed on DigiSell.

Apart from this, customers are also able to showcase multiple attributes, images and technical specifications to educate their clients about the quality and applications. DigiSell has a very user-friendly Integration which helps customers to integrate with their existing system – be it Tally, SAP or home-grown ERP and any API-enabled applications.

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